BCC Group to Win Finnish Automation Award for Their Work in Automating Cell Handling

A BCC group has received a Finnish Automation Award for 2009 for the work in automating handling of difficult-to-culture cells. The research in this field continues with a large project together with the Institute for Regenerative Medicine (Regea).

The Micro- and Nanosystems research group led by Prof. Pasi Kallio has been developing automation solutions to process and cultivate cells since 1995. These award-winning developments have focused on difficult-to-culture adherent cells (such as primary and stem cells) and have been achieved in a partnership with, for example, the Cell Research Centre (CRC) of the University of Tampere (now Ficam - Finnish Centre for Alternative Methods), and Chip-Man Technologies Ltd. The group is currently continuing their research in this area also in close collaboration with other BCC groups and the Institute for Regenerative Medicine (Regea).

This year the Automation Award was granted for the tenth time. The award is granted in recognition for significant research or development work, new applications for industry or society, or for other advancements in the field of automation.


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