received her M.Sc. and D.Sc. (Tech.) degrees in technical physics from TUT in 1990 and 1993, respectively, concentrating on semiconductor physics (optoelectronic materials and devices), until moved to Nokia Research Center. In 1997 she joined VTT to develop novel physics-based computational methods for soft-matter modelling and simulation, to study electrostatic systems and soon to develop sensing technologies for biosensors. Currently, she leads the Molecular Sensors team at VTT with the research concentrating on sensing methods and devices, including transducer modelling and molecular simulations. Dr. Tappura is an Adjunct Professor in physics and has about 50 peer reviewed international scientific publications. She has also contributed to several patent applications with three patents presently in force.

The focus areas of the Molecular Sensors team includes the transducer and detection technology development, tailoring of layers with various functionalities, immobilisation of receptor molecules as well as development of synthetic recognition interfaces for molecular sensors.

Research Interests
sensor physics, molecular sensors, transducer technology (incl. MEMS, surface-enhanced fluorescence detection, SPR,...), modelling of sensor devices, materials and coatings, molecular simulations, synthetic receptors.

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