There are a number of ways, you can get access to our resources and latest developments.

Direct contract
  • Funding: 100% client
  • IPRs: For the client
  • Funding: Part by the client and part by a funding agency such as Tekes - the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation
  • IPRs: For inventors. Client has the priority for technology transfer negotiations.
EU project
  • Funding: Several clients and EC, various programs exist targeting SME companies or certain technology areas
  • IPRs: Depending on the consortium contract
  • Nowadays, not only companies and research institutes from member and affiliated EU countries, but also from third countries are allowed. European interests are dominating.
Public-private partnership
  • Funding: Several companies, the region of Tampere
  • IPRs: Depending on involvement, companies might get a priority for technology transfer negotiations.

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